Case Study | Triad Maximizes Sales for Major Coffee Maker Brand via a Single Retailer

January 10, 2020

Retail Response Case Study Graphic 2

The Challenge to Triad

Maximize sales for a major coffeemaker brand during the Back-to-School season on a leading office supplies site.

Our Strategic Approach

Given that Back-to-School is a saturated season for numerous brands to breakthrough in traditional media channels, Triad created a retailer-centric plan to maximize the visibility of our client’s products. Our approach consisted of a full site takeover supported by PLAs (Product Listing Ads) to drive incremental product sales. We were able to increase sales during this time frame and promote higher product conversion by identifying items in high demand based on 1st party sales data.

Outcomes That Matter

  • Program delivered an average of $1,160 per day in sales
  • Exceeded both the Food & Beverage and Consumer Electronics category benchmarks by $3.12
  • Campaign generated a $21.00 ROAS daily

Source: Triad internal data.


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