Triad’s Media Planning & Optimization Solution Exceeds Benchmarks

April 08, 2019

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The Purpose

Drive increased in-store sales and return on ad spend for CPG partner

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The Strategy

Triad used its media optimization platform, Retail Response™, to identify and target audiences at retailers where our CPG partner’s product had a higher probability of being sold.

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  • Identified high-propensity retail audiences by combining proprietary shopper indices with retailer POS and mobile location data, as well as other third-party retail signals
  • Calculated media allocations based on the brand’s relationships with consumers at the top four retailers identified
  • Precisely targeted audiences with dynamically served banner creative sets per retailer 
  • Performed weekly analysis of brand and category sales data, making budget optimizations throughout the campaign to capitalize on real-time trends at the targeted retailers

The Outcome

Triad used Retail Response™ to layer and interpret multiple retail signals in real time through AI, providing insights into the brand’s greatest retail opportunities. We then targeted the right message to drive the right audience in store to purchase.

This campaign drove a significant sales lift — 50% higher than standard display campaigns — leading to $1.3MM in incremental sales for more than $6.00 short-term return on ad spend.

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* Higher than industry benchmarks


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