GameStop TV Powers Up All Brand Metrics

April 19, 2019

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GameStop shoppers’ exposure to in-store advertising via GameStop TV led to substantial product awareness, recall and purchase intent. Virtually every shopper noticed GameStop TV advertising while shopping, and most could recall at least one of the tested ads.

In our most recent study, nearly 1000 interviews across 30 GameStop locations were conducted at store exits with customers twelve and older.

GameStop Has a Very Engaged Following

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The majority of GameStop customers buy most or all their games at the physical store, despite digital-only releases being readily available on game consoles’ virtual stores.

GameStop TV Gets Results

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Virtually all the shoppers noticed, and most could recall, the GameStop TV advertising being played on sets across the stores, with audio heard over the store PA systems. That’s amazing awareness for a demographic often characterized by the ability to tune out the real world.

GSTV is well-received by consumers

Among those who spent time with GameStop TV:

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GSTV compels shoppers to take further action

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GameStop Reaches Gamers Wherever They Are

Broad, game-hungry audience

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GameStop TV is a proven way to reach enthusiasts in stores which are practically beacons to those obsessed with gaming. Just walk into one of GameStop’s physical locations to witness the well-ordered aisles of games from every major platform — plus the profusion of video game culture items including collectibles, apparel and home décor.

Full 360° omnichannel capability

  • Targeted display ads across and
  • High-impact page takeovers
  • Video ads on in-store GSTV
  • In-app push messaging to users who visit GameStop stores
  • Full-page ads in Game Informer magazine
  • Bespoke content sponsorship/creation (GameStop TV, Game Informer show)

Options are vast for coordinated campaigns across GameStop stores,, and Game Informer magazine.

A Great Gateway for Brands

GameStop TV is an exciting opportunity for brands to get their messages in front of shoppers who are engaged with, and spend money on, video games and video game culture.

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