Leading Change in Retail Media

March 05, 2019

By Sherry Smith, CEO, Triad

Agencies of the future

More than 15 years ago, Triad was founded to help retailers become media properties. Walmart was our first and largest client — and we’re immensely proud of the work we’ve done with them over that span.

Triad and Walmart have been in discussions since last fall about transitioning ownership of their online media business. Triad is in a strong position to help them with this transition over the course of 2019 due to our extensive experience building their monetization program from its inception to the media publishing platform that it is today.

Walmart will not be the first, nor the last, company to in-house portions of media sales, creative and content, ad operations, data or technology. Recent headlines are filled with stories of companies shifting toward in-house services to control their own destinies, such as Kroger, Loblaw and P&G. More than ever, it’s important that traditional brick-and-mortar retailers use every avenue available to defend and grow their positions against ecommerce natives.

Building online advertising programs, especially activating and measuring first-party data, is no easy feat considering it is not core to a retailer’s DNA — particularly with limited internal resources and expertise. There are also many complexities in aligning ecommerce, store merchants and marketing operations to execute effective advertising programs and ultimately connect with the right consumers on their paths to purchase.

When I stepped into the role as CEO, my goal was to create a healthy business model that opens new fronts by evolving our offerings to prepare for the future. As retailers look to grow, some will choose to in-house their ad platforms, others will outsource, and in many cases, there will be a hybrid approach. As a result, you’ve seen a natural transformation of Triad’s business to pave the way for change in the retail media landscape.

In the coming weeks, you’ll hear more about how Triad is using our deep knowledge of creative best practices and proprietary data products like Retail Response to deliver measurable business outcomes for brands. You’ll also hear our aggressive plans to expand into new verticals and markets this year.

We believe it’s important for retailers to collaborate with a partner who possesses a vast amount of knowledge and experience to do it effectively. Triad was formed to lead retailers through digital change at a time when omnichannel strategies weren’t on the map. I’m confident we will continue to be an important partner in helping retailers as they evolve.


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