Drive Revenue.
Enhance Your Site.

You have a great site. You have great traffic. We show you how to leverage that traffic and monetize it. We do this on a turn-key basis, so you:

  • Avoid making mistakes. You get the advantage of our seven years’ experience monetizing the biggest retail sites in the world. We’ll maximize your speed to monetization and your overall return.
  • Don’t need to hire one incremental staff headcount. We append to your team. We do it all:
    • Strategy: We determine how to best position you to the media market, pricing etc.
    • Ad Serving: We handle the entire set-up process.
    • Sales Power: Unlike standard retail media programs, who just reshuffle co-op dollars out of one bucket and into another, we deliver incremental dollars because we make you into a real media property.
    • Creative and Production: A team of more than 50 production experts create ads, video, content and games — anything you’ll need to stand out and attract advertisers to your site.
  • Integrate brand advertising and drive revenue while staying consistent with your site’s creative look and feel.
  • Provide your advertisers contextually relevant space to position their products.
  • Maintain or increase your e-commerce conversion rates. In the seven years Triad Retail Media has been executing monetization programs for major retailers, we have never once had any retail client see a decline in conversion rates. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Better content, video, offers, etc. drive more visits, better SEO rankings and more time spent per visit.
  • Give customers the benefits of information and provide them with the best brand experiences.

Video Production

From script to posts, Triad Retail Media empowers brands with turnkey video solutions.

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Dell Bag Boutique

Triad Retail Media creates award winning consortium store.

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Dell Connected Classroom

Cutting-edge website and video stand tall in product category.

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SC Johnson Right@Home

Completely integrated brand showcase drives brand engagement.

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Kraft Foods Quest

Custom microsite increases brand awareness among shoppers.

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Slate Card from Chase

Triad Retail Media’s ad network brings Slate to engaged audience.

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Clairol Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-Up

Clairol reaches Facebook audience with Triad Retail Media.

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Kellogg's Snackpicks

Triad Retail Media delivers content shoppers want, straight to their phones.

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