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Pave the Path to Purchase

Shelf Help® is a managed service that enhances your product pages and the customer experience.

Its major component, Shelf Guides™, enables consumers to unlock interactive content for products to tell a rich story — above the fold.

Shelf Search™ SEO copywriting services maximize traffic to your product pages while Shelf Health™ reports provide learnings that lead to improved tactics

Set your brand up for increased sales, successful product reviews and social media chatter through more satisfactory customer experiences.

Take Product Information to the Next Level

Don’t settle for capturing your audience with a single tactic. Shelf Guides™ allows you to choose from multiple options to tell your brand’s story.

Maximize page real estate by placing multiple key-feature hotspots above the fold and inside the hero image that inspire shoppers to interact with your content.

Hotspot features can include:
• 360º product tours
• Selection of videos
• Product selling sheets
• Buying guides
• Image galleries
• Recipes

Shoppers spend 80% of their time above the page fold. Don’t waste it.

Make Product Pages Work Harder for You

How It Works

Visual hotspots indicate points containing additional content that’s waiting to be unlocked.

Simply click each one to learn more information that’s aimed at helping consumers make an informed purchase.

Check Out Shelf Guides’ Benefits:

Acquire visitors
• Display rich content above the fold.
• Improve your SEO value and increase traffic through refreshed content.

Engage & convert
• Keep shoppers engaged.
• See your return to the retailer grow 4x more than static experiences.

Drive in-store traffic
• Impact in-store revenue.
• Close to 50% of retailer sales are influenced by online research.

Enhance Shopping Experiences Through Engagement

Shoppers who utilize Shelf Guides™ interact with an average of two product hotspots, yielding a return to the online retailer that’s 4x more than those who don’t engage. Those same shoppers are also 2x as likely to buy!

Source: Sellpoints 2016

Proven Performance

Measurements from A/B testing conducted with thousands of shoppers across multiple categories and hundreds of products validated an increase of 5% in conversion and an increase of 8% in revenue with Shelf Guides™.

Source: Walmart Labs 2016

Measure and Learn with Shelf Health™ Reports

Find out what customers care about and identify content that drives conversion. We can help you understand what excites consumers about your products through smart reporting and provide recommendations to increase sales for each product.

• Impression comparison by SKU
• Impression comparison over time
• Hotspot engagements
• Uniques, clicks and time spent per hotspot
• Comparison across other hotspots
• OS and device analysis
• Browser analysis
• Geo-mapping

Uncover Actionable E-Commerce Insights

Shelf Health™ enhanced analytics provide ongoing learnings that ultimately lead to improved tactics.

• On-site Rankings
• Out of Stock
• Ratings
• Pricing + Assortment

Find out how Shelf Help® can make your product pages work harder for you today.