Triad Retail Media today announced it is partnering with Tampa Bay Technology Forum to help recruit, develop and retain local talent within the Tampa Bay community. On Friday, April 10, the digital advertising agency hosted more than 50 local college students at its global Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla., as part of a biannual “Tech Trek.” The event provides an opportunity for students from Tampa Bay’s surrounding universities to visit tech-focused companies, learn about their services, successes and also career opportunities.

john kuemmel tech trek

“This is the perfect time — and the perfect place — for talented graduates to find opportunities within tech-driven career fields,” said John Kuemmel, Chief Technology Officer at Triad Retail Media. “We at Triad are continuing striving to provide the most advanced platforms to support our global retailers and brands. It takes the right people to fuel that technological success.”

More than a dozen leaders from Triad Retail Media participated in the Tech Trek event Friday morning, including experts in Information Technology and Security, Enterprise Services, Development and Advertising Operations.

Tampa Bay Technology Forum organizes Tech Treks regularly, transporting dozens of students on a bus to tour local companies. “This event is key to getting these students into the workplace to see the skills they really need, what opportunities are out there, and learn about the great companies right here in their backyard,” said Pat Gehant, who heads up TBTF’s workforce initiative. “They don’t need to leave Florida for a world-class technology-focused experience. We have a world of opportunity right here.”

Triad Retail Media has hosted similar events recently through their pledge to develop local talent including a March AdTalk with Ad 2 Tampa Bay. The agency’s unique culture has drawn accolades such as being listed as a Coolest Office Space and Top Workplace.  “Our Core Values, brightly colored spaces and collaborative environment have proven to be a magnet for top talent,” said Misty Brown, SVP of Communications and Culture at Triad Retail Media. “This is another opportunity for us to share that philosophy with a group of future graduates who could very well find a home here down the road.”

About Tampa Bay Technology Forum

TBTF is committed to being the Voice of Technology in Tampa Bay by uniting local technology leaders and promoting working together to put the region on the map as a center for technology and innovation. Through events, education, networking, advocacy and philanthropy programs, TBTF provides targeted forums to bring technology, business leads, investors, government, researchers and educators together.

About Triad Retail Media

Founded in 2004, Triad Retail Media is the market leader in creating, managing and operating digital retail media programs for highly trafficked retail websites. Triad's unique approach to retail advertising provides upside for retailers, brand advertisers and shoppers. Contextual and relevant advertising provides a much richer online shopping experience while giving brands the opportunity to engage shoppers while they're making purchase decisions. This custom advertising approach goes far beyond the banner and standard ad networks.

Triad Retail Media's leading retail partners include Walmart, eBay, Toys"R"Us, CVS, Sam's Club and many other notable retailers. The company has thrice been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Triad employs more than 500 people in 12 offices worldwide.